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Big thanks to everyone who visited our first edition of the Rolling Art Show Keilepand Rotterdam. Our 20 artists met a fantastic public. They were able to show their works of art, share their passions and to make connections with art collectors and people with a great interest in art. We will announce a new date for a second Rolling Art Show Keilepand Rotterdam Edition soon.


Our next Rolling Art Show will take place in June at Loods 6 in Amsterdam. More info will follow very soon!

Hoping to meet you there again.


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The artists of Keilepand - 2022

Frederique Spigt

Multi talented; poet, singer, songwriter, actress, painter... is there anything she can't do?

She's the spider in the cultural web. Born in Rotterdam started her career as a singer in the eighties and which turned out in being a rock idol.

While she was very successful in the music business she continued making artwork for album sleeves and book illustrations.

Her style can best be described as expressive, raw, colourful, with influences of Cobra and Piccasso.

For The Rolling Art Show she is working on a new serie of canvasses and specially for this show she has made a new limited serie of screen prints. We are very anxious to see her new work!

Schermafbeelding 2022-03-11 om 18.20.43.png

Rep Ringel

Born and grew up in The Netherlands, coming from an artistic family. In his early years you could find him in the recordstores shopping for great new original music that he could play as a deejay. After several years of working as a deejay Rep started his own awarded design company 'ringel design'. He enjoyed working for beautiful companies and brands from the fashion and cosmetic industry. Living a life under influence of music, fashion and design brought him a lot of inspiration. Creativity to make new things. That’s why he started painting. The paintings are large abstract, raw, unpolished images, driven by music, which is naturally for him. During the process of painting one song is playing loud, over and over again. Rep analyzes all the layers and the atmosphere of the music, and  translates this on the large canvas using the paint in an unorthodox way. Earthtones, a touch of metallics and even elements of 24K gold are the ingredients in which he expresses his feelings to the canvas. The paintings are named after the inspirators, the musicians or their songs. Rep’s work has been seen already on fairs, exhibitions and shows all over the world.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-24 at 22.13.27.jpeg

Patricia Steur

Patricia Steur has been a successful independent photographer since 1980. Her photographic interests range from portraits of celebrities to tribal tattoos, from rock and roll to human interest. She has worked for many magazines photographing celebrities as well as shooting CD covers. Her commercial assignments vary from stills to corporate. She is also active as director for documentaries and film. Human interest has her biggest interest now. In 2005 she was awarded with the prestigious photo prize “de Grote Paul”. Her book “Dutch Beauty” came out in December 2010. A book about powerful women from all walks of life in the Netherlands. Part of the revenues goes directly to Health Promoters South Africa Trust of which Patricia is ambassador of visual arts, appointed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Since 1987 she has had 30 exhibitions of her work in Holland and abroad. Her 2009 exhibitions were in L.A. (LA Art Fair) and New York (Bridge Art Fair), 2010 she exhibited at the famous Art Chicago with her work. In 2011 on the L.A. Art Fair again. 

Roos Govert de_0013.jpg

Herman Brood

Herman Brood, 5 November 1946 – 11 July 2001) was a Dutch musician, painter, actor and poet. As a musician he achieved artistic and commercial success in the 1970s and 1980s, and was called "the greatest and only Dutch rock 'n' roll star". Later in life he started a successful career as a painter.
His art is best described as pop-art, often very colorful and graffiti-inspired screen prints, and he achieved some commercial success and notoriety by, for instance, creating murals in various public spaces in and around Amsterdam. He continued to remain in the public eye, by appearing in the media and by his cooperation with biographical films such as Cha Cha and the 1994's Rock'n Roll Junkie.
Known for his hedonistic lifestyle of "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll", Brood was an enfant terrible and a cultural figure whose suicide by jumping from a hotel roof, apparently influenced by a failure to kick his drug and alcohol habit, strengthened his controversial status.


Vincent Mentzel

Vincent Mentzel (1945) werkt sinds het begin van de jaren zeventig als staffotograaf voor NRC Handelsblad en ontwikkelt zich tot een van de bekendste Nederlandse fotojournalisten. Als staffotograaf bepaalt hij lang het gezicht van de krant. Hij onderscheidt zich aanvankelijk als parlementair fotograaf, maar maakt ook grote (buitenlandse) reportages en is nauw betrokken bij de beeldredactie van M magazine.  Na een afgebroken studie aan de Rotterdamse kunstacademie, volgt Mentzel – tussen 1967 en 1969 – zijn opleiding in de praktijk bij de Amsterdamse theaterfotografe Maria Austria. Zijn werk wordt meerdere malen onderscheiden, onder andere met de Zilveren Camera en World Press Photo. 
Viermaal maakt Mentzel officiële portretten van koningin Beatrix; een hiervan wordt gebruikt voor haar beeltenis op de Nederlandse munt, en een voor de postzegel van Peter Struycken.
Het oeuvre van Mentzel is overgedragen aan Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. De Atlas Van Stolk in Rotterdam beheert bijna 1200 van zijn foto’s en zijn dia- en negatiefarchief is overgedragen aan het Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam

Yelena Oosting Profile Picture.jpg

Frans Polman

Visual artist
Open and outspoken; two distinguishing characteristics that describe the Dutch artist Frans Polman (1971). Born and raised in Apeldoorn, Frans could often be found in his father’s painting studio. His innate creativity can be credited to his father. After a number of years having lived and worked abroad, Frans returned to his birthplace in the forests of the Veluwe. He realised that these earlier distractions hid his true nature. Because of this, Frans Polman turned his passion into his profession.

Freedom and creativity are important motivations for visual artists. This unfettered spirit informs and inspires his search for form and structure.

Raw, pure and character are primary properties of the natural and sustainable materials with which Frans works.These materials have their own strong will and force the artist into new challenges and insights. This leads to growth in his métier. Working with diverse materials, form and colour gives the work of Frans a contemporary appeal. His work is built from various materials and structures possessing a naturally weathered appearance. All materials used have one thing in common: warmth.

Frans Polman is a nationally and internationally recognised visual artist. His work can be seen in his studio in Apeldoorn, as well as in expositions in Holland and abroad.

PROFIELFOTO ottograph ll.jpg

Jan Tervoort

Jan Tervoort turned his hobby into his job in 1995. His works of art are bought by collectors, companies and private individuals at home and abroad. They usually purchase several works over time.

Tervoort's artworks are sold at the international art fairs. He also sells directly from his studio which is located in Amsterdam. 

Rolling Art Rob Verhorst foto.jpg

Jeroen Dercksen

Jeroen Dercksen (1956) paints and draws in a figurative way as well as in an abstract style.
Besides the portraits he makes on commission, Jeroen Dercksen has created a series of autonomous portraits for more than 25 years. These are paintings and drawings of the people that symbolize important experiences in life – from birth to death. They cover topics such as sexuality, loneliness, love, faith and violence. Other than portraits Dercksen also displays his colorful expressive flower paintings and abstracts. ‘My goal is to create paintings and drawings that are pure and candid. I create my work thoughtfully and with craftsmanship. I concentrate on that what really matters to me: the positive power and energy that I get from looking at people, flowers, landscapes and abstractions”.


Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema jr

Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema was born in The Hague, Holland on February 17th, 1947.

He has travelled extensively and he lived on the Big Island of Hawaii from 1970 until 1990 when he returned to The Netherlands. He was a poet, artist and musician and considers all these disciplines inter-dependent. He used encaustic techniques as well as working in both polymer resin (glass panels) and monomer resin (embeddings). He has been a guest at Poetry International, Rotterdam, and his poetry has been included in various anthologies. His art, as well as his poetry, has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and on television. A CD of his music and poetry titled “Roll” was released in June 2003.

“I do not seek aesthetic beauty. I am more interested in the natural power that may occur when artistic grace, scientific logic, and religious faith are integrated.”

Some very special works of Erik will be exhibited as an hommage to a great artist.

Juan Manuel Giraldo

Juan Manuel Giraldo was born in 1975 in Bogotá, Colombia. Living in the Netherlands since 2001. Graduated in 2007 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.
Lives and works in Rotterdam 

I see my work as a research into the logics of contradiction as an omnipresent entity. Sometimes the images arise as a by-product of a conscious manipulation of elements from reality, but often also from the unconscious in my dreams.

Sonia Herman Dolz

Sonia Herman Dolz is the daughter of the Czech-Peruvian economist Bohuslav Herman and the visual artist Dora Dolz, who came with her parents to the Netherlands at the age of three. She grew up in Rotterdam and studied Spanish language and literature at the University of Leiden. She also studied film and directing at the Free Academy in The Hague.

In 1993, she broke through internationally with her first feature documentary "Romance de Valentía" about the Spanish bullfighting, which was awarded at several European film festivals. Her film "Lagrimas Negras" (1997) about the Cuban old timers band Vieja Trova Santiaguera, won multiple awards, and anticipated Wim Wenders' Buena Vista Social Club, (1999). Sonia's subsequent documentaries include, among others: "The Master and His Pupil” with conductor Valery Gergiev, filmical portraits of the Dutch singer Frédérique Spigt, ("She Came to Win") of Sonia's mother, artist Dora Dolz ("Portrait of Dora Dolz”) and of Sjarel Ex, the director of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in “Conducting Boijmans".

Sonia's work has been distinguished several times, receiving awards such as the Golden Calf Special Jury Prize Netherlands Film Festival in 1998; as Best Documentary at the Golden Prague Festival 2003; Golden Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival, 1998;  Audience Award and Silver Spire Award, San Francisco International Film Festival, 1998; Audience Award, Chicago Latino Film Festival, 1999; Best Documentary at the Bergen International Film Festival in 2004; Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival, New York, 2004; and the Pendrecht Culture Prize in 2007 in Rotterdam. 

At the Rolling Art Show in Rotterdam, Sonia will show two of her films: "Portrait of Olivia de Havilland" (2019). A poem written in 891 epical lines by Jules Deelder, in which he looks back at the fifties. In this film Jules Deelder recites this poem together with 26 striking residents of Rotterdam, including Loes Luca, Wilfried de Jong, Abdelkader Benali and Frédérique Spigt. The film was premièred at the Woordnacht festival Rotterdam, in Jules Deelder’s presence, only a few weeks before he passed away. 

In 2004 Sonia Herman Dolz and Frédérique Spigt made a film together called "Mans Genoeg" ('She Came to Win') in which Frédérique composes and sings duets with renowned Dutch musicians and singers such as Barry Hay, Bennie Joling, Liesbeth List, Huub van der Lubbe and many others. The film also features -posthumously- a duet with Herman Brood (on tape). This film is about the development and invention of songs and music, and above all, about inspiration.


Maudy Alferink

Contemporary hyperrealistic oilpainter.

Empowering the qualities of the feminine being, translated to hyperrealistic contemporary à la mode oilpaintings, Alferink makes a constructive statement in her work.

Admiring the European classical masters, Alferink studied their skills and created her self-taught techniques to come to a result that can be placed in-between exquisite classical realism and hyperrealism.

Alferinks works have been represented at places such as Pan Amsterdam, Art dubai, Art Basel Miami Scope art show.

IMG_6957 REP_Carlos Villarroel.jpg

Natalia Olhova

Born in the Crimea, in the family of the artist Olhov Vladimir. All her adult life she is engaged in painting, writes in various subjects and formats, likes to mix techniques and materials. She works with oil, alcohol ink, acrylic, pastel, varnish, glitter, liquid lath, etc. She constantly experiments in an attempt to convey feelings and states in her works as fully and vividly as possible.

In 2014 she graduated from the Crimean Republican Higher Educational Institution "Art College named N.S. Samokisha. During the last 3 years, the creative way has been developing in the direction of work in the technique abstraction. Natalie's paintings are exhibited in European galleries and her homeland Ukraine.

Passion for esotericism, astrology, proximity to the imaginative, deep nature of the Crimea determined the predominantly mystical, mysterious, full of symbolism mood of the artist's works. Over the past years, Natalie has been experimenting with particular interest with the possibility of embodying the fine lines of emotions, dynamics and depth in her works.

At the moment, the artist lives and works in the Netherlands, Rotterdam under the pseudonym Sunflower.


Govert de Roos

The story of how Govert gained entrance to
the Hilton hotel with a fake press card, to
photograph John and Yoko’s famous
Bed and Hair Peace, is well known.
To become a pioneer in the entertainment
business, Govert worked hard and found
a unique way to capture people in their
natural surroundings.
After working with renowned Dutch pho-
tographers as Nico van der Stam, Claude
Vanheye and Paul Huf, who taught him the
tricks of the trade, he started his own stu-
dio in the Amsterdam ‘Jordaan’ in 1975.
Most photoshoots he did there, for both the
national and international entertainment
industry, turned out to be icons of their
Having created a legacy of over 250 album
covers, 500 single covers, 2000 magazine
covers and hundreds of theatre and film
posters, Govert went on a journey down
memory lane and selected some of his best
work, which is now on display in several
exhibitions and available for sale in a
limited edition.

Herman-rolling art.png

Narouz Moltzer

Narouz Moltzer, protege of the respected and famous painter Aat Veldhoen, is one of those artists that constantly reinvent himselves and never stop working. His work hovers between abstract and figurative presented in all sizes.
Narouz simultainly paints and makes sculptures.

Last year he was joining Aziz Bekkaoui's groupshow at the Cobra museum in Amsterdam with a sculpture. And this year he is starting to show the best of both worlds at the Rolling Art Show. During the Rolling Art Show he will do some live painting on a Mini Clubman which happens to be for sale as well. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-01 at 16.45.14.jpeg

Yelena Oosting

Yelena was born in the Urals, USSR. At the age of 9 she was accepted into the Moscow School of Fine Arts, which marks the start of Yelena’s formal training in Classical Figurative arts.

During the Cold War Yelena’s family immigrated to the United States, where she continued her education in Arts and her pursuit of mastering painting, drawing, and later, illustration and graphic design.

In the 90’s Yelena relocated to Europe and continued her artistic development in classical Art.

The profound change in Yelena’s artistic journey took place with her move to the Netherlands. In Amsterdam she ventured into the realm of Abstract painting, which was “terrifying but exhilarating”.

Her current work presents a symbiosis of Western abstract expression supported by the classical Russian tradition. This fusion of artistic representations results in free-flowing yet multidimensional imagery. It is an expression of the intuitive subconscious that feels the harmony and energy present in the  Universe.

In her latest work Yelena continuous to experiment with various materials which makes her creative process into an ongoing exploration full of new discoveries that never cease to surprise.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-23 at 08.07.53.jpeg


Ottograph has made artwork for clients like Greenpeace, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Mars, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz. recently ottograph has been getting international acclaim for his 'fight the virus' campaign. Spring 2019 Ottograph started painting his self-portrait on the walls of Amsterdam. His goal is to paint 1000 selfies(as he calls them). currently he's working on nr. 245.
Selfie nr. 100 was painted on the floor at the NDSM wharf in amsterdam, it is so big it can be seen from space(google maps).
Ottograph is currently working on converting a whole office building in the east of amsterdam into one giant artwork. he is painting the inside as well as the outside of the building.
Movies of ottograph painting you can see here.
Ottograph started painting on the subways in amsterdam, and evolved into making giant floor and mural paintings. Otto painted murals in Moscow, Berlin, paris, New York and San Fancisco.
Ottograph created Amsterdam’s first real 24/7 outdoor street art gallery at the Wijdesteeg, which became a massive hit on instagram #wijdesteeg. Ottograph is collected worldwide.

Jan Tervoort Ask the Dust.jpg

Rob Verhorst

Born in Rotterdam (16-9-1952).
After Highschool Rob attended the 'Academie van Beeldende Kunsten' & the 'Photo Vakschool'. His love for music brought him to photograph (many) concerts, and soon he got the chance to portrait his Idols in private sessions.

He travelled a lot to cover premiere shows of The Rolling Stones, Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney & Prince.
To this day Rob has got an archive which includes 40 years of pop photography.
His work was/is published in Oor, Music Maker, Hitkrant, Rotterdams Dagblad, Algemeen Dagblad, De Telegraaf, Lust for Life, Soundz, etc.
With Getty Images (10.000 of his photo's) his work is published all over the world. Many of his pictures are on album/DVD/ Magazine covers. In 2020 his Prince photobook : 'Well-known and unseen pictures from the Rob Verhorst Archives was published and last year the book 'Pink Floyd the Rob Verhorst archives' saw light.


Ron Tetteroo

Ron Tetteroo, 25-03- 1963, is working as a fashionphotographer since 1986, and he has worked for many leading brands and trendy magazines all around the world. His use of light and his sense for moods makes his photographs like snapshots and cinematic. From the start, besides his assignments, top photographer Ron Tetteroo, was allways busy developing his own ultimate photography and now he exhibits his most intimate free work. "The pictures show highlights of my decades long search for the ultimate open-mindedness of women", says the (born and raised in Delft) Amsterdammer.
"The images are erotic, raw, on the edge and sometimes over the edge. The photo sessions were aimed at capturing emotion and not eroticism. In the photographed moments I can really sense the extreme beauty of our humanity." Ron Tetteroo has a unique, nonchalant style with a raw edge. He understands the art of perfect imperfection: each portrait is like an intimate poem, seemingly carelessly captured in pixels, but at the same time honest and pure. Ron Tetteroo makes the visitor shamelessly watch, a moment where many - both men and women  only dare to dream of. You can visualize in that one flash, one moment when perfect beauty reveals itself.
Ron Tetteroo developed his fascination for 'capturing open-mindedness' at the age of fourteen. Even back then, using his artistic persuasion, he got the most beautiful girls from school to pose in front of his lens. His quirky and creative way of photographing developed and began to stand out.
Through smaller commercial jobs for local fashion stores, Tetteroo consequently rolled into larger projects. This ultimately resulted in Ron fulfilling a role as image-determining photographer for worldwide known brands. He burned the essence of many top brands into the retinas of millions of people with his images. "Technically, there is not much difference between my work for clients and my free work.
I want to create atmosphere and therefore light can be both your best friend and your biggest enemy. I especially do not like mundane photography. I am always looking for the edge in everything and prefer to go over it if need be, to create images that are honest and emotional. In my free work I allow myself to go a few steps further. On all fronts. All my ideas, experiences and desires come together in that one image. During the shoot I know exactly when I have captured the image that I want. Suddenly it's clear. The frame of the image is at that moment irrelevant, for example with the head half out of view.
That is the most beautiful thing: an image that stimulates endlessly, without you ever knowing exactly why."


Corine van Voorbergen

Corine van Voorbergen is an intuitive artist. Through her minimalistic round art forms she focusses on the idea of eternal movement. In her current series 'Through the Brass Eye of the Beholder' she evokes a certain feeling in the viewer through her use of colour, visual depth, and texture. “I aim to express different emotions and thoughts through my art, at the same time also leaving room for interpretation”. The techniques Corine uses not only draws the beholder in to take a closer look, but also encourages them to take a step back and observe the piece as a whole. Corine constructs her art pieces with layers of different mediums including acrylic paint, natural pigment powder and ink. She finishes the work off with a thin layer of epoxy. The epoxy reflects the surroundings back to the beholder, stimulating them to reflect on what they see and more importantly what they feel.

“Art and Interior Design should compliment each other”. Her abstract paintings are works of art and can also be categorised as collectable design. From this perspective Corine moves herself through both fields, presenting her work at art fairs, in galleries and at design fairs around the world. 

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