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Group Exhibition

Good news! The Rolling Art Show is coming back!

First we'll be in Rotterdam from 21-24 April 2022 at the 'Keilepand'. In this great venue we present a group of artists with a wide range of different art.

The list of artists will be announced soon.


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Group Exhibition

More good news! The Rolling Art Show is also coming back to Amsterdam! From 2-5 June 2022 we will be back at 'Loods 6'. Just as last year we will present a group of artists with a wide range of different art. The list of these artists will also be announced soon.

Check the artist of the edition 2021 here below

The former artists of Loods 6 - 2021


Corine van Voorbergen

Corine van Voorbergen is an intuitive artist. Through her minimalistic round art forms she focusses on the idea of eternal movement. In her current series 'Through the Brass Eye of the Beholder' she evokes a certain feeling in the viewer through her use of colour, visual depth, and texture. “I aim to express different emotions and thoughts through my art, at the same time also leaving room for interpretation”. The techniques Corine uses not only draws the beholder in to take a closer look, but also encourages them to take a step back and observe the piece as a whole. Corine constructs her art pieces with layers of different mediums including acrylic paint, natural pigment powder and ink. She finishes the work off with a thin layer of epoxy. The epoxy reflects the surroundings back to the beholder, stimulating them to reflect on what they see and more importantly what they feel.

“Art and Interior Design should compliment each other”. Her abstract paintings are works of art and can also be categorised as collectable design. From this perspective Corine moves herself through both fields, presenting her work at art fairs, in galleries and at design fairs around the world. 

Rep Ringel

Born and grew up in The Netherlands, coming from an artistic family. In his early years you could find him in the recordstores shopping for great new original music that he could play as a deejay. After several years of working as a deejay Rep started his own awarded design company 'ringel design'. He enjoyed working for beautiful companies and brands from the fashion and cosmetic industry. Living a life under influence of music, fashion and design brought him a lot of inspiration. Creativity to make new things. That’s why he started painting. The paintings are large abstract, raw, unpolished images, driven by music, which is naturally for him. During the process of painting one song is playing loud, over and over again. Rep analyzes all the layers and the atmosphere of the music, and  translates this on the large canvas using the paint in an unorthodox way. Earthtones, a touch of metallics and even elements of 24K gold are the ingredients in which he expresses his feelings to the canvas. The paintings are named after the inspirators, the musicians or their songs. Rep’s work has been seen already on fairs, exhibitions and shows all over the world.

IMG_6957 REP_Carlos Villarroel.jpg
Eelco Hilgersom.jpg

Eelco Hilgersom

Eelco Hilgersom is a Dutch artist with a fascination for structures created by nature. Structures that together form a whole and can be found in abundance inspires him enormously. This is what drives him to create abstract works based on these natural forms and organisms.

In all off his work, Eelco is looking for contrasts in form, color or material. “My goal is to touch the observers and take them into the work through these contrasts and complexity of the piece.” To achieve this goal he uses different techniques and materials.


His latest works are inspired by the way organisms communicate. They use colors and structures to convey a message. In this serie Habitat, different structures and colors of the organisms are mixed and depicted in an abstract way. The organic shapes, colors and the reflective surface create a new kind of creature that wants to show all its beauty and emotion against the wall.

Patricia Steur

Patricia Steur has been a successful independent photographer since 1980. Her photographic interests range from portraits of celebrities to tribal tattoos, from rock and roll to human interest. She has worked for many magazines photographing celebrities as well as shooting CD covers. Her commercial assignments vary from stills to corporate. She is also active as director for documentaries and film. Human interest has her biggest interest now. In 2005 she was awarded with the prestigious photo prize “de Grote Paul”. Her book “Dutch Beauty” came out in December 2010. A book about powerful women from all walks of life in the Netherlands. Part of the revenues goes directly to Health Promoters South Africa Trust of which Patricia is ambassador of visual arts, appointed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Since 1987 she has had 30 exhibitions of her work in Holland and abroad. Her 2009 exhibitions were in L.A. (LA Art Fair) and New York (Bridge Art Fair), 2010 she exhibited at the famous Art Chicago with her work. In 2011 on the L.A. Art Fair again. 


Frederique Spigt

Multi talented; poet, singer, songwriter, actress, painter... is there anything she can't do?

She's the spider in the cultural web. Born in Rotterdam started her career as a singer in the eighties and which turned out in being a rock idol.

While she was very successful in the music business she continued making artwork for album sleeves and book illustrations.

Her style can best be described as expressive, raw, colourful, with influences of Cobra and Piccasso.

For The Rolling Art Show she is working on a new serie of canvasses and specially for this show she has made a new limited serie of screen prints. We are very anxious to see her new work!

Narouz Moltzer

Narouz Moltzer, protege of the respected and famous painter Aat Veldhoen, is one of those artists that constantly reinvent himselves and never stop working. His work hovers between abstract and figurative presented in all sizes.
Narouz simultainly paints and makes sculptures.

Last year he was joining Aziz Bekkaoui's groupshow at the Cobra museum in Amsterdam with a sculpture. And this year he is starting to show the best of both worlds at the Rolling Art Show. During the Rolling Art Show he will do some live painting on a Mini Clubman which happens to be for sale as well. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-12 at

Daan Noppen

Daan Noppen is an artist that explores various media like drawing, painting, film, photography and sculpture. His work invokes the irrational and engages the viewer into experiencing numinous feelings. The context of his artwork creates an urgency for raison d’être. The artist explores elements of divinity, alchemy, mysticism and rituals.


Daan Noppen’s work has been exhibited in New York (USA), New Orleans (USA), Mexico City and Querétaro (Mexico), Shanghai (China), Metz (France), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Munich (Germany), Traun (Austria), Antwerp (Belgium) and in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The artists His Symmetry I&II drawing won an A’design Award 2016 in the Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made category.

Ruben van Megen portrait photocredits Pe

Esmay Wagemans

Esmay Wagemans (1992) is a science fiction artist who sees the human as a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction. She reflects on the digitization and technologization of society by providing a feminine point of view on what these developments mean for the future human body. By focusing on- and exploring the process of material, she is forever in search of creating new human shapes. 


Mo Cornelisse

Mo Cornelisse is a dutch artist from the netherlands. She has worked since 2012 as a full-time ceramist, and seeks to create works that are distinguished by their shape and simplicity. She is also fascinated by material contradictions. She works in series, creating three-dimensional pieces which include her signature melting vases in white with gold leaf. Cornelisse harbors a love for the craft, but uses modern techniques to achieve her designs. Her “wall objects” series involves geometric forms arranged into various wave-like formations, reminiscent of light reflections.


Atelier Ruben van Megen

Atelier Ruben van Megen believes that reflecting on the past provides valuable input to properly shape the present. Valuable memories are captured in the conversation pieces to release emotions.


Ruben van Megen (1984) graduated from the Design Academy in 2012 and developed his own style. This style stands out for its storytelling, craftsmanship, use of materials and the high-quality finish. Atelier Ruben van Megen is represented by some top galleries, including Wexler Gallery in New York and Philadelphia. The work has won international prizes several times.

01 Portrait by Michelle Helena Janssen 0

Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema jr

Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema was born in The Hague, Holland on February 17th, 1947.

He has travelled extensively and he lived on the Big Island of Hawaii from 1970 until 1990 when he returned to The Netherlands. He was a poet, artist and musician and considers all these disciplines inter-dependent. He used encaustic techniques as well as working in both polymer resin (glass panels) and monomer resin (embeddings). He has been a guest at Poetry International, Rotterdam, and his poetry has been included in various anthologies. His art, as well as his poetry, has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and on television. A CD of his music and poetry titled “Roll” was released in June 2003.


“I do not seek aesthetic beauty. I am more interested in the natural power that may occur when artistic grace, scientific logic, and religious faith are integrated.”

Some very special works of Erik will be exhibited as an hommage to a great artist.

Robert Aalbers

Founder of the Clean Solid Tattoo studio, based in Waalwijk in The Netherlands, Robert’s inspiration for bright and bold creations came alive through his love for the skate and punk scene during his teenage years.

Following his love for these cultures, he spent the next two decades honing his tattoo artistry, and now boasts titles such as ‘designer’ and ‘visual artist’, staying true to his signature aesthetic.


Paula Evers

As an intuitive artist Paula Evers lets herself be guided by her emotions. At the beginning of her artistic career, she found her best form of expression in figuration. Without realizing it, she

visualized different relationships, situations and people, which helped her process things better.

Gradually Paula noticed that she did not have to hold on to figuration to get fulfilment from the creative process. She started experimenting with materials. By coincidence she discovered the material epoxy, which is a fascinating material that will continue to work in combination with paint.

Paula started with an abstract artwork and then treated it with epoxy. Due the epoxy treatment, she only partly had influence on the end result. In this she sees a metaphor of life; in which you can also keep control yourself to a certain extent.

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