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Group Exhibition

Good news! The Rolling Art Show is back!

Amsterdam from 3-6 June 2022 at 'Loods 6'. After working very hard these last weeks, we are ready now to present you a group of artists with a wide range of different art in this great venue. Please come and see us these coming 4 days.

Opening hours:

Friday vernissage: 17.00 - 22.00 by Cornald Maas (Avro-Tros), music by Hans Dagelet and Esther Apituley, special quest DJ.

Saturday: 10.00 - 18.00

Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00

Monday: 10.00 - 18.00

Free Enterance

See below the list of artists.


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The new artists of Loods 6 - 2022

Frederique Spigt

Multi talented; poet, singer, songwriter, actress, painter... is there anything she can't do? She's the spider in the cultural web. Born in Rotterdam started her career as a singer in the eighties and which turned out in being a rock idol. While she was very successful in the music business she continued making artwork for album sleeves and book illustrations. Her style can best be described as expressive, raw, colourful, with influences of Cobra and Piccasso. For The Rolling Art Show she is working on a new serie of canvasses and specially for this show she has made a new limited serie of screen prints. We are very anxious to see her new work!

IMG_6957 REP_Carlos Villarroel.jpg

Natalia Olhova

Born in the Crimea, in the family of the artist Olhov Vladimir. All her adult life she is engaged in painting, writes in various subjects and formats, likes to mix techniques and materials. She works with oil, alcohol ink, acrylic, pastel, varnish, glitter, liquid lath, etc. She constantly experiments in an attempt to convey feelings and states in her works as fully and vividly as possible.

In 2014 she graduated from the Crimean Republican Higher Educational Institution "Art College named N.S. Samokisha. During the last 3 years, the creative way has been developing in the direction of work in the technique abstraction. Natalie's paintings are exhibited in European galleries and her homeland Ukraine.

Passion for esotericism, astrology, proximity to the imaginative, deep nature of the Crimea determined the predominantly mystical, mysterious, full of symbolism mood of the artist's works. Over the past years, Natalie has been experimenting with particular interest with the possibility of embodying the fine lines of emotions, dynamics and depth in her works.

At the moment, the artist lives and works in the Netherlands, Rotterdam under the pseudonym Sunflower.


Govert de Roos

The story of how Govert gained entrance to the Hilton hotel with a fake press card, to photograph John and Yoko’s famous
Bed and Hair Peace, is well known.
To become a pioneer in the entertainment business, Govert worked hard and found a unique way to capture people in their
natural surroundings. After working with renowned Dutch photographers as Nico van der Stam, Claude Vanheye and Paul Huf, who taught him the tricks of the trade, he started his own studio in the Amsterdam ‘Jordaan’ in 1975.
Most photoshoots he did there, for both the national and international entertainment industry, turned out to be icons of their time.
Having created a legacy of over 250 album covers, 500 single covers, 2000 magazine covers and hundreds of theatre and film
posters, Govert went on a journey down memory lane and selected some of his best work, which is now on display in several exhibitions and available for sale in a limited edition.

Herman-rolling art.png

Ron Tetteroo

Ron Tetteroo, 25-03- 1963, is working as a fashionphotographer since 1986, and he has worked for many leading brands and trendy magazines all around the world. His use of light and his sense for moods makes his photographs like snapshots and cinematic. From the start, besides his assignments, top photographer Ron Tetteroo, was allways busy developing his own ultimate photography and now he exhibits his most intimate free work. "The pictures show highlights of my decades long search for the ultimate open-mindedness of women", says the (born and raised in Delft) Amsterdammer.
"The images are erotic, raw, on the edge and sometimes over the edge. The photo sessions were aimed at capturing emotion and not eroticism. In the photographed moments I can really sense the extreme beauty of our humanity." Ron Tetteroo has a unique, nonchalant style with a raw edge. He understands the art of perfect imperfection: each portrait is like an intimate poem, seemingly carelessly captured in pixels, but at the same time honest and pure. Ron Tetteroo makes the visitor shamelessly watch, a moment where many - both men and women  only dare to dream of. You can visualize in that one flash, one moment when perfect beauty reveals itself.
Ron Tetteroo developed his fascination for 'capturing open-mindedness' at the age of fourteen. Even back then, using his artistic persuasion, he got the most beautiful girls from school to pose in front of his lens. His quirky and creative way of photographing developed and began to stand out.
Through smaller commercial jobs for local fashion stores, Tetteroo consequently rolled into larger projects. This ultimately resulted in Ron fulfilling a role as image-determining photographer for worldwide known brands. He burned the essence of many top brands into the retinas of millions of people with his images. "Technically, there is not much difference between my work for clients and my free work.
I want to create atmosphere and therefore light can be both your best friend and your biggest enemy. I especially do not like mundane photography. I am always looking for the edge in everything and prefer to go over it if need be, to create images that are honest and emotional. In my free work I allow myself to go a few steps further. On all fronts. All my ideas, experiences and desires come together in that one image. During the shoot I know exactly when I have captured the image that I want. Suddenly it's clear. The frame of the image is at that moment irrelevant, for example with the head half out of view.
That is the most beautiful thing: an image that stimulates endlessly, without you ever knowing exactly why."


Marthijn De Groot

Marthijn de Groot was born in Amsterdam 1968. His art is an inseparable part of his personality and lifestyle. It provides a distillation of his life history. Each work refers to a stage in the life of the artist and his experiences. From a life which seemed doomed to be played out in the shadows or darkness, the artist has struggled towards the light. His expressionistic style of painting reveals the urge to manifest itself. The unconciousness

becomes the center of his works. Figurative elements rise in a suggestif way from the colours and the form of the lines. Painting is for him a spontaneous action, in which he integrates

elements of his past and present life, as thoughts, experiences, exchanges. Handwritten scripts, former drawings, child paintings, creatures half-human, half-animal make his paintings

abstract-lyrical, strong and flamboyant coloursets expressif and mystic. Painting is also orchestrating for Marthijn de Groot.

However two dimensional the canvas may be, the artist knows how to create a lively spectacle, an overwhelming opera finale, an orgasm of paint, an apotheosis in which extremes meet.

Marthijn de Groot works as a ceramist as well. Thereby he can change his way of expression and realize three-dimensional drawings in sculptures. He does works, which he calls «walls», ceramic bowles and abstract figures. Heaven and hell, light and dark, man and women, life and death, beauty and decay, absolute silence and terrifying screams come face to face. Painting is thinking and working in extremes.


Sanne Terweij

In search of evoking hidden memories, Sanne Terweij (Amsterdam, 1984) is guided by colour and texture as her

driving force and main source of inspiration.

Intrigued by the history of pigments and alchemy, she currently focuses on the use of reflective metals such as brass, copper and aluminium, exploring their oxidative and corrosive properties.

Starting from pure base material, she sets to work with countless chemical processes and interventions to transmutate these individual pieces into juxtaposed mental and emotional 'landscapes': materialized memories or atmospheres that stimulate your senses on the basis of textures and colours.

“I am always looking to evoke a feeling of endlessness, of being able to wander through the work”

By using the ever-changing process of oxidation in combination with the handcut geometric shapes that make

up her works, no work is ever exactly the same.

Transition is a common thread in her work, and her process also reveals her predilection for the craft.

“The little imperfections you see when something is handmade, that's what I feel makes something really come

alive”. Her preference for unconventional materials, experimenting with material studies and the influence of colour is clearly predominant in her current work.

With her roots in creative entrepreneurship as a decorator/artist for the hospitality and film industry since 2007, she has spend years specializing in aging and patina techniques.

After partly educating as a goldsmith and color consultant in the distant past, her current path is an almost

logical confluence of all these earlier steps.


Rep Ringel

Born and grew up in The Netherlands, coming from an artistic family. In his early years you could find him in the recordstores shopping for great new original music that he could play as a deejay. After several years of working as a deejay Rep started his own awarded design company 'ringel design'. He enjoyed working for beautiful companies and brands from the fashion and cosmetic industry. Living a life under influence of music, fashion and design brought him a lot of inspiration. Creativity to make new things. That’s why he started painting. The paintings are large abstract, raw, unpolished images, driven by music, which is naturally for him. During the process of painting one song is playing loud, over and over again. Rep analyzes all the layers and the atmosphere of the music, and  translates this on the large canvas using the paint in an unorthodox way. Earthtones, a touch of metallics and even elements of 24K gold are the ingredients in which he expresses his feelings to the canvas. The paintings are named after the inspirators, the musicians or their songs. Rep’s work has been seen already on fairs, exhibitions and shows all over the world.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-24 at 22.13.27.jpeg

Patricia Steur

Patricia Steur has been a successful independent photographer since 1980. Her photographic interests range from portraits of celebrities to tribal tattoos, from rock and roll to human interest. She has worked for many magazines photographing celebrities as well as shooting CD covers. Her commercial assignments vary from stills to corporate. She is also active as director for documentaries and film. Human interest has her biggest interest now. In 2005 she was awarded with the prestigious photo prize “de Grote Paul”. Her book “Dutch Beauty” came out in December 2010. A book about powerful women from all walks of life in the Netherlands. Part of the revenues goes directly to Health Promoters South Africa Trust of which Patricia is ambassador of visual arts, appointed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Since 1987 she has had 30 exhibitions of her work in Holland and abroad. Her 2009 exhibitions were in L.A. (LA Art Fair) and New York (Bridge Art Fair), 2010 she exhibited at the famous Art Chicago with her work. In 2011 on the L.A. Art Fair again. 

Roos Govert de_0013.jpg

Herman Brood

Herman Brood, 5 November 1946 – 11 July 2001) was a Dutch musician, painter, actor and poet. As a musician he achieved artistic and commercial success in the 1970s and 1980s, and was called "the greatest and only Dutch rock 'n' roll star". Later in life he started a successful career as a painter.
His art is best described as pop-art, often very colorful and graffiti-inspired screen prints, and he achieved some commercial success and notoriety by, for instance, creating murals in various public spaces in and around Amsterdam. He continued to remain in the public eye, by appearing in the media and by his cooperation with biographical films such as Cha Cha and the 1994's Rock'n Roll Junkie.
Known for his hedonistic lifestyle of "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll", Brood was an enfant terrible and a cultural figure whose suicide by jumping from a hotel roof, apparently influenced by a failure to kick his drug and alcohol habit, strengthened his controversial status.


Samira el Bali

Samira, Dutch artist born and raised in Utrecht: making abstract art gives me a feeling of freedom and a piece thats evoking emotion by the viewer. It’s a expression of the soul. The passion for mixing and matching colours and the need to express of that what cannot be seen, that what is felt inside that mysterie captured on canvas. And as in my real world a touch of gold couldn’t be missed. In my opinion; the beauty of Abstracts is that everyone is free to see and feel what they like in a Artwork and also be free to like it or not! It should be a statement piece that brings harmony, calmness and love in to our homes and connecting with the interior. 


Challenge the painting to ask you the questions instead of the other way around and Enjoy!


Florentijn Bruning

Dutch painter, illustrator, writer, pattern lover, digital artist and photographer. A sculptor’s daughter, born on a cold and dark second Christmas day in a little village in the Netherlands called Cuijk. Daughter of two artists, Wilna Haffmans and
Gerard Bruning. Both sculptors. Florentijn mostly known for her “MONA LISA PROJECT, based on Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa 1503-1506, inspired by Andy Warhol’s ‘Thirty are better than one’, 1963. An investigation into unique mass production, made with alkyd lacquer, acryl and aerosol. Florentijn painted 100 Mona Lisa’s. Mona Lisa Project was quickly picked up and resulted in a wonderful solo exhibition in GO Gallery Amsterdam. As fast as anything in the present day, Florentijn's Mona Lisa project was already consumed before it could gain its true value. Florentijn considers this to be phase one, Mona Lisa Project, 100 Mona Lisa's. Florentijn took a year sabbatical to find out what she really want in life. After a year she continued her Mona Lisa Project, up to another 100 Mona Lisa’s, bigger and better.. ‘Florentijn’s Mona Lisa Project’. In 2020 during world pandemic Covid -19 she made a new very touching digital Mona Lisa serie “Go for it Mona Lisa 2020” 50 Mona Lisa’s wearing health masks. Right now she works on a digital serie of Mona Lisa’s mixed with her digital pattern designs.

Aron Kroes.JPG

Merette Uiterwaal

Merette Uiterwaal (b. 1990, The Netherlands) is a photographer interested in the simplicity of everyday life. Due to her colour blindness, Uiterwaal views the world in an unusual way. Her
abstract portraits investigate the dynamics of the landscapes of our surroundings. The resulting, surreal images are open for the viewer's interpretation and understanding.

(c) Studio Uiterwaal Kroes.jpg


MilanTheArtist is a well known professional multidisciplinary artist, based in Utrecht (The Netherlands), with several major solo exhibitions under his name. He also recently entered the international art scene, exhibiting his work in New York, Amsterdam and Dubai. With a few professional artists in his family, inspiration has always been close by. However, after completing his Master Geriatrics, the high-spirited artist focused entirely on art. His efforts for charities such as elderly care, The Disabled Sports Fund and the Elephant Parade add an extra dimension to his artistry. 

After multiple broadcasts on Dutch national television in 2019, MilanTheArtist experienced his personal breakthrough as a professional artist. Also, he signed an exclusive contract with the record company Actuation Music, for which he designs all singles and albums covers. MilanTheArtist is known because of his unique multidisciplinary style where he combines the use of palette knives, spray paint, lace stencils and other fabrics. This rare combination gives his art a distinctive and energetic 3D atmosphere. 

Recently, various media have praised MilanTheArtist for his contribution to the international contemporary art scene, and consider him as a promising artistic talent. In 2018 his commitment to the art scene was rewarded with the exclusive ambassadorship of the Amsterdam - All Acrylics brand, which is part of Royal Talens. In 2020 they planned his first masterclass for Royal Talens at the age of 26. Due to the transition in the art world, MilanTheArtist entered the NFT world in 2021 with an exclusive partnership with Dutch NFT Drops. This promising step did not go unnoticed by the art lovers and the first drops sold out immediately.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-11 at 12.22.14 PM.jpeg


Tostiej a.k.a. Joost Knipping (1994) is a Dutch artist based in The Hague. His art focusses on abstract paintings in the neo-expressionism traditions, and is inspired by his art heroes Basquiat, Banksy, Pablo Picasso and A.R. Penck. Works by Tostiej are characterized as a balance between chaos and power. Each piece is unique in its own way by form, color and composition. Throughout his process of making art, he is constantly challenged by his emotions to find the right balance on his canvas to express himself.
For Tostiej: “his inner self decides how his body and mind reacts on the canvas. It’s always a battle with his pencil, emotions and perceptions to make the right decisions while moving spontaneously to the finish line.”
Joost considers himself as a young multifunctional and flexible artist. He finds his inspiration in “differences”, things what he does not understand but feels highly attractive to. Especially non-Western cultures such as: African, Asian & South American cultures. These cultures are known for their extensive amount of empowerment, color, expression and liveliness which gives Joost a boost of inspiration to express him in different creative ways.
He is making his art at home in his atelier what he shares with his mother, Patricia Knipping-Röst a.k.a Patrice. Tostiej works by the RRR-method, in other words: the Re-use, Re-duce & Re-cycle method. What it means is, instead of buying and consuming new things (such as a new canvas or new paint and pencils) he finds his canvasses on the street, that he calls Wall art and buys his paint and pencils trough second hand stores instead of buying new ones. And the goal of this method is to create upcycling art.
Joost is still a beginner when it comes to sharing his art to the world. But step by step he will show more and more of his artsies.


Guus van Vugt

Guus van Vugt is rock and roll, he is punk. Guus makes recycled art from all kinds of stuff. Wandering through second-hand shops and scrap yards, he collects materials from which he makes art, robots, clocks, ornaments... Some small and larger objects will be exhibited this year at the Rolling Art Show Loods 6. Get ready for some steampunk!

Aron Kroes

Aron Kroes (Zaandam, 1987) focuses mainly on painting, exploring the boundaries of the figurative. Applying abstraction stems from an intuitive approach. It is a representation of feeling,  experiences and technique without making any concessions. The interpretation is free, so that the 
portrait functions as a mirror for the  beholder. The paintings generally have a chaotic character, sometimes with unexpected beauty. Although the  works can always be traced back to the basic forms of a portrait, the application of abstraction takes the viewer into a world of constant balance between expressive shapes and a rich color palette.

Merette Uiterwaal.jpg

Studio Uiterwaal Kroes

We, Painter Aron Kroes and photographer Merette Uiterwaal, first started making work together during the global pandemic in 2020. Merette’s abstract portraits were the starting point of a new series of work made together with Aron. Individually our work revolves around the research of ‘identity’. It was almost natural that we started experimenting together, one coming from photography and the other from paint. Merette’s abstract black and white portraits create the outlines for how Aron applies the paint an intuitive and expressive way. The use of the naked body as a blank canvas allows the paint to works in a way as clothing and make-up works for an actor; it creates this new character to the portrait. Although the work focuses on the reproduction of us on camera, the result should not be seen as self-portraits. The process starts by outlining an aesthetic visual idea. After the idea phase we have a photoshoot and make a selection of the photos we would like to work on. After the prints are made we start thinking of how the paint should be applied and in which colours. This last point, the colours, always brings an extra dimension. Not only in an evident way, in that Merette views the world in a different way compared to Aron, but also because Merette is colour blind. After Merette got glasses that made her see colours, the colour pallet she works with expanded. With this new view on the world and her work, she brings a new vision on the colours they use in their
work. After the first few works are finalised, we repeat this process until the series is finished.

IMG_3330 Cover Magazine 2020 officieel.JPG


Wanneer u uw oog fixeert op een kunstwerk van DJOR, ontdekt u telkens weer iets nieuws. Een DJOR schilderij heeft vele lagen. Het is een caleidoscoop aan tekst en beeld, die gemaakt is om de geest van iedere kunstliefhebber te intrigeren.

Hij is aan het Grafisch Lyceum Amsterdam afgestudeerd, maar een Haarlemmer in hart en nieren. Zijn talent kon niet lang onopgemerkt blijven, doordat hij creatie na creatie de wereld inbracht. Door zijn groeiende bekendheid krijgen steeds meer liefhebbers de kans zijn kunst te waarderen. DJOR schilderijen zijn stuk voor stuk unieke exemplaren, die een artistieke en industriële noot bieden aan de ruimte. Tegelijkertijd mag vintage niet aan het artistieke mengsel ontbreken. Zo is meer dan eens Disney en comics een sprekend onderdeel van DJOR schilderijen.

Doordat hij op kunstige wijze meerdere werelden in een DJOR schilderij weet samen te smelten, spreekt het een groot publiek aan. Generatie Y zal de industriële kant van het verhaal bewonderen, terwijl generatie X zijn verbondenheid voelt met de superhelden of Disneykarakters, die nostalgie met zich meebrengen. Hiermee dicht een DJOR schilderij de generatiekloof. Of een kunstliefhebber nu modern of klassiek prefereert, de artistieke resultaten van deze Haarlemse kunstenaar spreken een tijdloze taal. De teksten of sjablonen van de schilderijen voegen extra waarde toe aan ieder exemplaar. Niet alleen bieden zij een letterlijke diepgang, maar zij spreken ook een onderliggende boodschap uit; soms betreft het een inspirerende quote.

Natuurlijk kan het kleurenpalet niet aan het oog voorbijgaan. De poppende, over het algemeen, monochromatische kleuren, spreken tot de verbeeldingskracht. Tegelijkertijd schreeuwen ze om aandacht. Deze kunstwerken zijn geen achtergrondruis, ze zijn eyecatchers, die graag in het middelpunt van de belangstelling staan.


Hans Dagelet

Hans Dagelet <1945> started his career as an actor in 1967.

He played main characters in companies as Baal, Mexicaanse Hond, Noordelijk Toneel, Zuidelijk Toneel, Hollandia, het Nationaal Toneel, Publiekstheater, MC, and quite recently Het Nationaal Theater, NNT and Oostpool.

As an actor/musician: Mondriaan Kwartet, Ives Ensemble, Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw, Nederlands Blazersensemble, Metropool Orkest, Noordpool Orkest, and as a trumpeter he played in Vijf slag Eén Wijd, Barrelhouse, Rosa Ensemble and Spinvis. A lot of TV-series. Last ones: Russen, Levenslied, Feniks, Familie Kruys. As a dancer he cooperated with choreographer Nanine Linning. As a choreographer: Scapino, Rotterdam. Dagelet created a lot music-theatre-plays, in which he cooperated with imaginary artists, dancers, composers and musicians. He played in about 40 movies, the last ones: Hemel <Sacha Polak, award Berlin>, Helium <Eche Janga, three awards NFF>. 1971: Award Best actor Theatre. <Louis Bouwmeester Prijs> 1992: Prix D'Italia. <Film “Ik ga naar Tahiti”, Gerrard Verhage> 2001: Nominated as Best Actor TV.

2005: Nominated as Best Actor TV. 2007: Grote Prijs Van Nederland.< Popmusic, Spinvis> 2011: Novel <”De Man met de vier O's”, publisher Querido> 2012: First exhibition as a painter. < Museum De Fundatie> 2016: Nomination Best Actor Theatre. <Louis Bouwmeester Prijs> 2018: Life achievement Award. <Blijvend Applaus Prijs> 2019: LP “RIP”

2019: May, 19th, 16.00H, live concert, “Cineconcert RIP” in Eye Museum. From August till December concerts, Rosa Ensemble. <Captain Beefheart Repertory> Hip-hop Performance “Status” in theaters <company Rightaboutnow>, as well as “Kabarett Dapitulet” <DaDa-performance with Dagelet's wife Esther Apituley, violaplayer.>

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